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Evoke Magazine celebrates the timeless beauty and patina of all things vintage.

Hello and welcome to Evoke Magazine. I am the new owner with the marvelous opportunity of taking on the task of continuing the work Morgan and Bill Miller began with Issue 1. I will be seeking the best stories and locations to inspire you. I am a clinical psychologist who has had the chance to pursue a second career in publishing.  I have a long history of experiences in photography, interior design, international travel and collecting antiques. I love seeking out interesting people who have the talent for incorporating vintage style into contemporary living. My images convey the passion and history of their journeys along with some wonderful contributing photographers. I hope you will find them as inspiring as I do. This magazine focuses on trends toward a mix of true vintage and antiques, together with modern furniture and accent pieces created in a vintage style. We see terms now such as “rustic modern,” “industrial chic,” “Americana contemporary “and “French country modern.” It’s now okay to mix vintage and contemporary. In fact, that is the theme of Evoke Magazine — Vintage Style for Contemporary Living™. This theme reflects both an authentic home decorating direction and a lifestyle that honors our connection to the past. You’re sure to find inspiration in every issue that will help you live a more beautiful and interesting life.

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Editor In Chief: Anne Freund, Ph.D.


News Release:

February 10, 2016 (PR Newswire)  Evoke Magazine’s Premiere Issue Spotlights a French Country Style