Vintage Style for Contemporary Living

Welcome to the premiere issue of Evoke Magazine dedicated to Vintage Style for Contemporary Living™. We celebrate all the creative people who bring a connection to the past to their style of living in the 21st century.

The vintage world is brimming with really interesting, talented, passionate people doing things they love: restoring old buildings; decorating modern spaces with vintage elements; reproducing furniture from times past; rescuing and reusing the discarded in creative ways; bringing us containers of vintage finds from other lands; keeping old artisan skills alive; preparing foods in traditional ways.

With this in mind, we knew the first issue on vintage style decor had to be about all things French. France has defined what romantic vintage means today. We have gathered a wonderful lineup of people and places for this issue, some from France and some from the United States.

We hope you enjoy our first issue, with its theme of Vintage with a French Accent – filled with ten inspiring profiles and 190 beautiful pictures. Whether you call it French country or French farmhouse or rustic modern or shabby chic, I’m sure you will identify with the lifestyle represented here.

Customer Reaction

I was finally able to sink into the couch last night and enjoy this gorgeous new magazine called Evoke. Hands down the BEST production value and photography I’ve seen in a long time… You can buy it online or at various retailers, and there’s even a digital version (but trust me, the paper on this mag is amazing, you’ll definitely want a hard copy!).  
— Alex W.

I keep wanting to call this a book, and it is because the first issue of Evoke Magazine looks like a book. The quality and the beautiful images will make this a collectable magazine. This is not one you will want to toss in the recycling bin, but one that you will want to place along with your design books or on your coffee table. You will want to return to it and be inspired by its beauty. Morgan Jane Miller has gathered stories and beautiful photography for your enjoyment. It’s about places, people, beautiful hand created items, antiques, food, and so much more…
— Trinidad C.

Just received your beautiful magazine in the mail! I thought I was going to share it when I am finished but I know I’m not going to be able to part with it. Wish you continued success Morgan! The magazine is beautiful!
— Loreen A.

Just got my copy of EVOKE! What a gorgeous, beautifully done magazine. I can’t wait to sit and devour every page. The photos are amazing and now I REALLY want to move to France. Thank you for such quality, Morgan Jane Miller.
— Jan W.

On the train headed south for a visit with my dad for a few days. Listening to Adele and savoring the stunningly beautiful new magazine, Evoke by Morgan Jane Miller. It is so special in that I know so many of the people featured and I thank Trino Castro for his promotion of this publication. It’s more like a coffee table book than a magazine…superb photography.
— Barbara H.

Just wanted to let you know I have just spent a wonderful hour (not finished yet) looking at your fabulous magazine. The quality of paper, photographs and layout are outstanding. It’s a storybook magazine. I’m glad to have purchased the ‘hard’ copy. My coffee table will be blessed. Thank you so much.
— Sue P.

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Review of Evoke – Vintage Style for Contemporary Living

It’s possible to glance at a rusted bistro table, worn stones, and chipped painted wood and dismiss it as “old.” Some people have a more appreciative eye for items from the past and choose to incorporate them into their lives. Long ago, someone’s loving hands created implements from natural materials, and that work has stood the test of time. When we see a carved lintel or brass dolphin on a downspout we wonder about the artist who created something beautiful as well as functional.

Evoke Magazine, Morgan Jane Miller’s entrée into the world of publishing, has captured the patina of the past. In this issue, soft lighting, creative design, and a wonderful array of her own photos take us on a trip to France. Her subjects are surrounded by history, blending it easily into modern lifestyles. In France, natural fabrics are recycled into functional items, chandeliers from long ago are still in use, and elderly items such as provincial pottery, woven baskets, and iron bedsteads are contemporary household items.

We live in an era of fast-paced consumption, out with the old, in with the new, so it is heartwarming to see a magazine that still honors and embraces history. With Evoke, Ms. Miller has created a beautiful work of art that will remain on your coffee table for years and inspire you to look at humble items in a different way. Evoke may even call you to begin your own journey into the past.

C. A. Collier, Author
Sonoma, California


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